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Micheal Caine seems to have never starred in a tv series but in his early career appeared in quite a few(see below).After he achieved stardom he has appeared playing himself on literally dozens of tv shows a round the world(not listed)

A History of Us 6 episodes 2003

First Night 1 episode 1963

The Edgar Wallace Mystery Theater 2 episodes 1962

Luck of the draw 1 episode 1962

The Younger Generation 1 episode 1961

Armchair theater(The Ship that couldn't stop) 1 episode 1961

ITV Play of the Week :Ring of Truth 1 episode 1961

:Hobsons Choice 1 episode 1962

:The Other Man 1 episode 1964

No Wreath for the General 1 episode 1960

Deadline Midnight 1 episode 1960

William Tell 1 episode 1958

Navy Log 1 episode 1958

Dixon of Dock Green 3 episodes 1957/58/59

Crime of the Century 1 episode 1956

Adventures of Sir Lancelot 1 episode 1956

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Michael Caine has been in approximately 159 movies, as of July 2014. A few movies he has been in are Children of Men, The Actors, and Quills.

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Q: How many movies has Michael Caine been in?
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