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Q: How many matresses are in the us?
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Can a hotel sale used matresses?


What will two twin matresses make?

Two twin matresses will make a king bed but it must be put together on a king frame and boxspring.

Where was makin' matresses made?

Fyshwick Canberra

What is the fear of air mattresses?

Areoclinophobia= fear of air matresses

Where can one purchase crib matresses?

Crib mattresses can be purchased at national retailers such as Target, Walmart and Babies R Us. They can also be purchased online at Sears, Amazon or eBay.

Mattress from a full size bed?

To get rid of a matress it is important to take it to a local dump. The average dump will take these matresses for a minimal fee. There is also several local companies that can dispose of these matresses for free.

How many matresses were there in The Princess and the Pea story?

In the original story of "The Princess and the Pea" by Hans Christian Andersen, there were 20 mattresses stacked on top of the pea.

Is a futon Japanese?

yes - it's one of those flat matresses that they sleep on

What do Pakistani people sleep on?

Pakistani people sleep on matresses but don't have beds

Do visco mattresses come with a sleep number?

"Visco Matresses are made of a visco-elastic foam. This is also known as memory foam. They do not come with a sleep number, the sleep number bed is an airbed. Both are highly rated matresses by consumers."

What matresses are considered safe for kids with allergies?

Any hypoallergenic mattress will be great for a kid with allergies.

What is a 4D PUMP for air matresses?

An air pump that uses four D-cell batteries.