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There are 14 levels:

Intro / Intensive TreatmentIsland (Exterior)Medical FacilityThe MorgueExperimental Chamber / BaneCavesArkham MansionThe PenitentiaryBotanical GardensThe Island TransformedCroc Hunt(Back) To the Batcave!Confronting Poison IvyThe Joker's Party

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Q: How many levels are in batman arkham asylum?
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Will Robin be in Batman Arkham Asylum 2?

It is only rumored that Robin will be in Batman Arkham Asylum 2 however if he is I heard the developers will not give him a massive part in it, as not many of the Batman fans want him to be in it. But so far no one is sure.

What video games have been produced by Rocksteady Studios?

Rocksteady Studios is the main producer of the Batman game series. Rocksteady Studios has produced Batman: Arkham Asylum, Batman: Arkham Origins, and many more.

How many Batman games are there?

around 23-24 once arkham asylum 2 comes out

Will batman arkham asylum 2 be for the wii?

The Wii U has a reputation for being a 'family' console, and as such, not many violent games make to the console. It ultimately rides on how violent the finished product is.

Can I change the skin on my ps3?

Yes, there are many skins available. Simple search for "ps3 skin." There are many options, such as the Batman: Arkham Asylum Skin for the PS3.

Who were the residents of arkham asylum along with joker in batman?

Many of Batman's enemies have spent time in one or more occasions in Arkham Asylum. Besides the Joker, others include Harley Quinn, Mr. Freeze, the Penguin, the Riddler, Poison Ivy, the Scarecrow, Two-Face, Bane, Killer Croc, Dr. Hugo Strange among others.

What are some must have PlayStation 3 games?

There are many must have PlayStation games. Three that I have and would recommend are: Valkyria, Folklore Batman: Arkham Asylum and Sonic Ultimate Genesis Collection.

Is batman arkham asylum coming out at midnight?

Some Gamestops and EB games are doing a midnight release the night of August 24th, but it depends on your local store and how many preorders they received.

How many skins can you get in batman arkham city?

you can get7

How many players is Arkham City?

I believe Batman: Arkham City is only 1 player.

Where could a batman computer game be purchased?

Batman is a popular video game character and there are several games available for the computer. Arkham Asylum, LEGO Batman and Arkham City are just a few. Some are designed for adults, while others are more kid friendly, but most feature action and exploration as key components.

How many percent till you beat batman arkham asylum?

Main story of the game is around 40-50%. The other half to reach 100% is collecting all the riddler trophies, finding all interview tapes, doing the challenges, etc