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Q: How many kids does benzino have?
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When was Benzino born?

Benzino was born on 1965-07-18.

How tall is Ray Benzino?

Ray Benzino is 5' 3".

When was Redemption - Benzino album - created?

Redemption - Benzino album - was created in 2002.

When was The Benzino Project created?

The Benzino Project was created on 2001-10-30.

What is the birth name of Ray Benzino?

Ray Benzino's birth name is Raymond Scott.

What nicknames does Ray Benzino go by?

Ray Benzino goes by Ray Dog, and Hasbenzino.

When was The Benzino Remix Project created?

The Benzino Remix Project was created on 2002-06-18.

How tall is Benny Benzino?

Benny Benzino is 185.42 cm.

How old is Benzino?

Benzino (Raymond Scott) is 51 years old (born July 18, 1965).

When was Ray Benzino born?

Ray Benzino was born on October 24, 1964, in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

Does benzino have aids?


What is the ethnic background of benzino?

Half white, for sure, but the other half can be black, cuban, or latino.