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Q: How many fans does the band r5 have?
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What are r5 fans called?

R5ers !!

Where is r5 from?

The band? Which is Colorado.

What is the band R5's religion?

R5 members have not made their religion public, so it is not known if they are Mormon.

What is Ross Lynch's favorite band?


Is everyone in r5 the band related?

I've been told that not everyone in the band R5 ISN'T related, but don't take my word for it. I mean what do I know?

Did the r5 band break up?

The R5 is an American boy band. This band plays pop rock in Los California.

Is Ross Lynch in a band?

Yes Ross lynch is in a band call R5

Why is the band R5 named that?

Its because there names start with R and their is 5 members in their band

What is R5's fandom named?

there isn't one cause they don't have fans

Where does the band R5 live?

By Cali state university or some where in La

How many fans does Dave Matthews Band have?

A lot

What is the name of Ross Lynch's family band?

It is called R5. The reason why it is called that is becaue that in the band their is Ross, Riker, Rydel, Rocky and Ellington Ratliff. And Ellingtons name does not begin with R but his second name does and that is how they got the name R5.