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Over 2 million

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Q: How many fans do one direction have in America?
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How many fans does One Direction have?

The band ONE DIRECTION has about over 3,000,000 fans in Britain and America alone

How many fans love one direction?

One Direction has alot of fans that love them.

How much fans do One Direction have?

3000000 in Britian and America

How many fans are of One Direction?


How many fans are there for one direction?


How many one direction fans are?


How many ans do one direction have in Australia?

One direction has trillions of fans in Australia

How many fans do one direction have in the world?

Actually you cant be certain how many One Direction fans or Directioners are out there, as people can change their minds, lose interest, etc. but on twitter they have 5,585,851+ followers so maybe thats roughly or near how many fans they have but im sure there are plenty more who dont have twitter accounts or dont follow them for any reason :)

Who masburbstes to One Direction?

One Direction fans :)

How many one direction fans are there in Macedonia?

there are 2000 Macedonian Directioners!

How many fans like one direction?

1 000 000

Does one direction have over 8 million fans?

yes one direction has over 8 million fans