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24 episodes .
Chibi Vampire (also known as Karin) has 24 episodes. Usually the title of the episode holds the word "embarrassing" or phrase "is embarrassing".

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Q: How many episodes of chibi vampire are there?
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On chibi the vampire What is wrong with anju?

Anju is a Psychic Vampire. She becomes a Full-Time Vampire in one of the Episodes.

Are there chibi vampire videos in English online?

Yes there are and you can watch episodes on

How many chapters does the manga chibi vampire have?

Karin: Chibi Vampire has 58 chapters compiled into 14 volumes.

How many chibi vampire novels are there?


Is book 14 the last chibi vampire book?

Yes, Volume 14 is the last Chibi Vampire book.

Where can one watch Chibi Vampire online?

Any video sharing sites and special interest Manga and Anime sites host or link to online Chibi Vampire episodes. Whilst the quality may vary and subtitles not always available you can often rely on comments and feedback to find what you need.

Is karin a vampire?

Karin Maaka from the anime series/manga 'Chibi Vampire' is a vampire .

How many episodes of rosario plus vampire are there?

Rosario + Vampire and Rosario + Vampire Capu2 has 26 episodes : 13 episodes in two series .

How many chibi vampire books are there in 2013?

14, just like there were in 2009.

What are some good chibi anime?

Chibi Vampire , Karin , Rosario to Vampire , Tsukuyomi -Moon Phase- , Fruits Basket , Chobits and Azumanga Daioh .

Is the author of chibi vampire going to make more books?

Kagesaki and Tohru Kai only release 3 Karin aka Chibi Vampire manga a year, but Tokyopop had to cut back on what it released and no more Chibi Vampire books are released by Tokyopop in english.

How many episodes of Vampire Knight Guilty will there be?

I think there were 13 episodes of Vampire Knight Guilty.