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Yes. The announcement was made on April, 24, 2012 through Mr.Young's Twitter and Facebook. (The Show's Twitter and Facebook). Also, the cast members posted it on their Facebook and Twitter. An official poster was released and links for tickets in the audience have been released. An email to purchase them has also been released on the poster.

The official poster can be found through Mr. Young's official Facebook/Twitter page. There is also no official premiere date but considering that both season 1 and 2 have been premiered in March. Season 3 is likely going to premiere in March.

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30 episodes have premiered. The latest one to premiere on April, 2, 2012.

Check this link for more episodes and their premiere dates.

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There are 26 episodes in season one and in season two, there are 26 episodes.

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Q: How many episodes of Mr Young season 2 have premiered in Canada?
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Yes. The announcement was made on April, 24, 2012 through Mr.Young's Twitter and Facebook. (The Show's Twitter and Facebook). Also, the cast members posted it on their Facebook and Twitter. Filming and production of Mr. Young season 3 began on May 10, 2012 and ended on October, 26, 2012. The season premiered on November, 6, 2012 and was a change from past seasons as season 1 and 2 premiered in March.

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