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There have been 22 varieties of 50p coin, 6 large and 16 small.

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Q: How many different 50p designs are there?
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How many designs are there for fifty pence coins?

1p , 50p , 2p , 10p , 20p .5p

How many different 50p are there?

There have been 22 varieties of 50p coin, 6 large and 16 small.

What do the designs for the 38 50p coins look like?

The designs for all British 50 Pence coins can be seen at the Royal Mint link below.

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Is a 2011 50p with 2012 olympic worth anything?

Yes, it is worth the face value - 50p In October 2010, The Royal Mint released 16 of the 29 designs, 2011 dated 50p coins. The remaining ones are to be released at the same time this year. In total there will be 81 million. Sorry, it's not worth more than 50p :)

How many pence 50p?

There are 50 British Pence in a British 50p coin.

How many 50p coins make 7.50?

Fifteen 50p coins.

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