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Q: How many dancers are in thriller?
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What musical instruments are in the video thriller?

Background singers, pianos, drums and him and all the dancers in the movie [song] and Michael Jackson

Which Two Dancers have the Best Choreographed Music Videos of all-time?

Michael Jackson "Thriller" And Aaliyah "Are You That Somebody" Music Videos.

Who were the dancers in the Michael Jackson thriller video?

there are so many. i don't know the names but several of them were ex-gang members! the others were just good dancers.

How many people attended Michael Jackson's thriller tour?

He didn't do a Thriller tour.

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How many foxes can dance thriller?

millions of foxes can dance the thriller because there scary!!!BOO!

How many dancers in birdsong are female?

8 dancers, 5 female & 3 male.

How many pages does The Dancers at the End of Time have?

The Dancers at the End of Time has 182 pages.

How many more football players get hurt than dancers?

zero, dancers get injured more.

How many dancers are in the Britain's got talent dance group flawless?

There are ten dancers in Flawless

What made thriller the best selling album?

it was the best selling song because it was a really good song and it was in the 90's so it was really popuar and there were a lot of different actors and dancers etc..

How many dancers are in a trio?