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Well...The Jonas brothers Haven't Had Any Kids Yet.


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Q: How many children did the Jonas Brothers have?
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Which Jonas brother has a baby?

None of the Jonas Brothers currently have children.

Do the Jonas brothers like children?


Did the Jonas Brothers sing to Obama's children?

nah Jonas brothers hasn,t singed to Obama,s children ther,es ur answer

Nick Jonas and Joe Jonas?

Nick Jonas and Jonas Joe are brothers. They are the middle children of Denise and Paul Kevin Jonas the first. Nick and Joe are in a band (the Jonas Brothers) with their older brother Kevin.

How many sisters and brothers does the Jonas Brothers have?

the Jonas brothers have no sisters but have one little brother and there are three Jonas brothers if you didnt know

How many children do the Jonas brothers want?

All I know is that Kevin wants two girls

Are Barack Obama's children fans of the Jonas Brothers?

Barack Obama's kids are very much fans of the Jonas brothers.

How Many Albums Has Jonas Brothers Have?

4 albums together as the Jonas Brothers

Which charity do the pop rock band the Jonas Brothers donate a percentage of their earnings to?

The Jonas Brothers donated $12 million in 2007 to Change For The Children Foundation. Which is 10% of their earnings. Change For The Children Foundation is a charity that the Jonas Brothers started.

Where can UK Jonas Brothers fan get Jonas Brothers stuff?

Yes, you can buy things online from the Jonas Brothers Official fansite and Nick's website for his "Change for the Children" foundation for his diabetes.

How many Jonas' ae there?

there are 3 Jonas brothers

How many children does Jonas have?

Danielle Jonas has 2 children

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