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Two children

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Q: How many children are in paige hemmis's family?
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How many children does Paige Tallent have?

Paige tallent has enough y do you want to know???!!!!????

How many children did Pheobe and Paige and Piper have?

Piper had two Pheobe has one but not tell after the show is over and Paige as none

How many children did Padge and Henry have in charmed?

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Why did Paige get mad at her family when she ran into an old friend at the flower store in the Vow?

The friend, Diane, had an affair with Paige's father years ago. Paige, having no memory of the last however many years, doesn't remember this and just found out when Diane said she was sorry and that she ended it as soon as Paige's mother found out. This was the initial reason that Paige stopped talking to her family years ago so she was angry when they neglected to tell her about why they never spoke since she can't remember any of it.

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