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Scientifically speaking there are around 89 chapters in the so called Hunger Games books all together

theoretically they get me "excited" if you know what i mean >.<

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Q: How many chapters are in the Hunger Games book one?
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Who many chapters in the Hunger Games book?

There are 27 chapters in each book of the Hunger Games trilogy.

How many chapter does the hunger games have in book 1?

27 chapters

How many pages are in the paperback book of The Hunger Games?

There are 374 pages and 27 chapters.

How many chapters are there in part two of the hunger games?

In the Hunger Games (1st book), which chapters are included in Part 1, Part 2, Part 3?

How many words are in graceling by kristin cashore?

Because of her background in writing plays, Suzanne Collins wrote each separate novel in the Hunger Games trilogy to consist of 27 chapters divided into 3 distinct parts.

How many chapter are there in The Hunger Games' third book Mockingjay?

The book Mockingjay has 27 total chapters and is split into three parts. It also has an epilogue.

How many pages is chapter 2 of Catching Fire?

24 chapters is wrong . There are 27 in each book

How many pages does Catching Fire have by Suzanne Collins?

It has 391 pages. The first book has 374. It also has 27 chapters like the first book (The Hunger Games).

How many sections in each book of Hunger Games?

There are three sections in each book in the hunger games trilogy.

How many pages in the Hunger Games book1?

There are 384 pages in the first Hunger Games book.

How many chapters are there in part one of the hunger games?

About 9 and I think that it is the same with every part.

How many people live in district 11 Hunger Games book?

24 :-* lmfaoo I'm reading this book &lt;3