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Q: How many celebrities live in Ruby Hill?
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Where is the trainer hill in Ruby?

The trainer hill is a zone in which you fight many different trainers. In Pokémon Ruby you can find the hill near Mauville City.

How many celebrities live in Canada?

4,123,569,635,463,424,546 plus Justin Bieber. ^_^

What celebrities live in Ireland?

Many celebrities live in Ireland, far too many to mention, both ones known only in Ireland and international celebrities. Musicians, artists, writers, actors, sports stars, and all sort of people live in Ireland. Many celebrities have homes in Ireland, and of course many celebrities are Irish. Paul Hewson, more famously known as Bono, is Irish and has homes in Ireland.

How many celebrities live in Washington State?

About 100.

How many celebrities live in America?

50 ?

Do all celebrities live in the United States?

No...While many do live in the U.S., many also live abroad.

How many celebrities performed with live animals on stage?


What celebrities live in Savannah ga?

Many celebrities live in atlanta, including T payne, Justin Bieber, and T.I. :)

What celebrities live in van nuys?

There are many celebrities that travel to the city of Van Nuys on a regular basis. Some celebrities that reside there are, Don Drysdale, Brian Austin green, and Matt Moore.

Xbox live celebrity usernames?

This is rather impossible to answer because many celebrities will have Xbox live but will not give people it.

How many deer live on nose hill?

there is about 50-100 deer on nose hill

What country or province do most celebrities live?

Many celebs live in Los Angeles, California, USA - not all though.