How many books became movies?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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so far only 2 but they will make all of them

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Q: How many books became movies?
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How many of John Steinbeck books became movies?

as many as he wants there to be and that would only be as much as one or two of his books were turned into movies

How many years did it take until Jane Austen books became movies?

Not long enough.

Why did JK Rowling became the highest earning female author of your times?

Because many, many people liked her books, as well as the movies and games based on the books.

Are movies books first?

Not all movies start out as books but many of them do

Has any of Francisco's Jimenez books became into movies?

No, but there might be one that comes into the movies in the future!

What children's books have inspired movies?

Books that have been turned into movies- Bridge to terabithia, James and the Giant Peach, Charlotte's web, Tuck everlasting, Little House on the Praire, the Love comes softly series and many many more

How many books and movies are you makieng in twilight?

She is making 4 books and 4 movies.

How many movies and books are in the harry potter series?

7 books, 8 movies. This is because two movies were made out of the last book.

What are some books and movies on vamires?

some movies are buffy the vampire slayer and twilight. and some books are my sister the vampire and many other books.

Are wildebeest in movies or books?

they are in both movies and books.

Are there any books or movies that has NASA in it?

There are many movies and books that include NASA as a major part of it.Apollo 13 and The Right Stuff are two such movies, both of which as based on books.Also, Gravity is a 2013 movie about the NASA space shuttle and surviving an accident.

What is Jasper real last name?

Jasper's last name in the books and movies before he became a Cullen is Hale.