How many beliebers are there?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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currently there are a over 50,000,000 die hard fans of JB that call themselves "beliebers'. this does not include the many others who are just simple fans. I myself am a belieber and we stick together through thick and thin to support JB in any way we can.

*****Also Justin Bieber is a piece of sh*t :)

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Q: How many beliebers are there?
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What are facts that only beliebers should know?

Who Jerry Is and who Pac ,Jazmine Jaxon, Jeremy and Pattie are

What was Justin Biebers nickname when he was young?

This sentence makes no sense so heres the 2 questions i got from it What does JB call his fans? I believe he calls tham "beliebers" What do fans call JB? JB, no stage name

What are Justin Bieber's likes and dislikes?

Well he likes: Mineral water, Sprite, Orange Juice, Sporty and funny girls, Sour Patch Kids, Beyonce and Rhianna, Captain Crunch with berries, making people smile, his beliebers! Hockey, his hater's (he says they're just jealous), spaghetti, the colour blue and purple, the word 'shawty' and some more.. He dislikes: Big round sunglasses, Uggs, Paparazzi, small and crowded spaces, and some more.. <3 Robyn-Number1Belieber

Why is Justin Bieber's voice so high?

He's only 15, it's possible he hasn't gone through puberty yet. Maybe he has, and is just born with a high voice. Michael Jackson had a high voice and was one of the greatest singers of all time. Don't dis him because he has a high voice.

How is Justin Bieber like everyone else?

Justin Drew Bieber, Born on March 1, 1994 is a Pop Singer known across the world. With about 16 Million Followers on Twitter, Justin is a major phenomenon. Bieber is a kindhearted, humorous, and giving. He once gave $1,500.00 to Whitney Allen Elementary, and preformed for them. Bieber says he loves his fans, and shows a huge respect for them. For his haters, Justin says "Hi Haters. You make me want to prove more of myself". To Conclude, Justin is an amazing, inspiring, and talented 17 year old. I'm one of his Beliebers, Join Today !

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How many are Beliebers on the world?


How Many people in the world are beliebers?

i think 31 milliom beliebers is wrong !! , in twitter he has over 37 millions his beliebers and on facebook he has over 50 millions his beliebers now , let me think some survey said . 34% people in this entire world are BELIEBERS . so how awesome we are :') #MYOPINION and i thinks justin is one of some most influential person in this whole world :') sincerly beliebers

How many people are Beliebers?

31 million i think :)

What did Justin Bieber call his fans before beliebers?

He call her "Justineras" before Beliebers.

Should beliebers go to Justin Bieber concerts?

It is up to Beliebers and their parents as to whether Beliebers should go to Justin Bieber concerts or not. Most Beliebers want to go to their idol's concerts, but their parents may not like them going to rock concerts.

Selena Gomez like beliebers?

Yes, She respect them so much, but some beliebers hate her when she likes them./

What is Justin Bieber's fans called?

Justin Bieber's fans are often called 'beliebers'.well there are so many names that fans have chosen to call himself . but the real word that everybody (well mostily everybody!) uses is "belibers " . (correction) "WE" are called beliebers!!!!!!!! Every one knows that Justin bieber is cool Beliebers

Why can't people contact justin bieber?

Because there're too many Beliebers lol

How many fans does Justin Bieber have in April 2013?

38 million beliebers on Twitter today

Did beliebers turn into directioners?


How do you call Justin Bieber fans?


Are there more directioners or beliebers?

more directioners