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There are 10 volumes completing the series.

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Q: How many beauty pop manga books are there?
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Is there a beauty pop anime?

No , "Beauty Pop" is found only in manga books .

How many books are in the beauty pop anima series?

there are 10

Where can you watch beauty pop online?

I don't think its an anime, if your referring to the manga.

What is a good manga that is for youth but is like Kamichama Karin?

It's not exactly the same, but Beauty Pop is interesting and fun!

Is the manga beauty pop ever going to be an anime?

Unfortunately not. Beauty Pop has been complete for some time now and anime adaptations tend to be made during the mangas serialisation, since that is the height of its popularity.

What is a manga like Beauty Pop?

Kitchen PrincessGentleman's Alliance CrossAngelic DaysPretty FaceOuran High SchoolFruit basket Vampire Knight

Do you know any manga that have guy characters that hate or dislike or are afraid of girls?

Manga Character Beauty pop = Shogo Narumi Absolute witch = Black butler = Ciel D-Gray man = Kanda Naruto = Sasuke

What is the most pop manga from del ray manga?

shugo chara in fact it is the most populer manga for girls

How many volumes of Beauty Pop can you find in Japan?

10 vol

What is Tokyo pop?

Tokyo Pop is a publisher of Japanese manga and graphic novels.

Where can 'Beauty Pop' manga volume 8 be read online? is a really good place, because although the chapters sometimes can come out slower than other sites, its the best quality.

Is there an anime for Beauty Pop?