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penny lane

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Abby Road

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Q: How many beatles songs have street names?
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How many top 10 songs did the beatles have?

20 #1's in the US 17 #1's in the UK NOTE - The Beatles album "1" is a compilation of all Beatles songs that made it to Number 1 in either the UK or the USA, a total of 27 tracks.

Is there a beatles song about Vietnam?

not specifically no. however there were many songs about peace and against war in general.

How many songs did the Beatles record?

The Beatles recorded and released 214 different songs on original release albums, EP's and singles, about 20 of which were not written by the Beatles. Some of these songs were recorded more than once, but a little differently and re-released. Two songs were recorded in German in the early days. The Beatles also recorded many songs that were never released. Some of these turned up on post-Beatles solo albums.

How many names did the Beatles have before they settled on The Beatles?

They had two (or possibly three) names before they became the Beatles. Way before the Beatles were famous, they were teenagers playing in a band called The Quarrymen; this name came from a local high school the band members attended. (Note that the lineup of the Quarrymen was not the same as what ultimately became the Beatles, although it was started by John Lennon. Paul McCartney joined the band in 1957 and George Harrison in 1958. Ringo Starr was not a member of that band.) When the Quarrymen traveled to Germany, they added a new member (Stu Sutcliffe) and changed to the Silver Beetles, although some sources say they were first called the Beatals. The spelling of Silver Beetles became Silver Beatles, and then finally, the band settled on The Beatles sometime in 1960.

How many songs does Jenna rose have?

Jenna Rose has 6 songs. the names of the songs are Sweet Melody, The Remedy, Spotlight, My Jeans, OMG, and Dont give up

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How many songs did The Beatles?

They had 225 songs.

Why were the beatles songs about love?

MANY of The Beatles' songs were not about love. The songs that were about love were most likely written because the writer was in love...

How many songs have The Beatles?


How many of The Beatles' songs were famous?

All of them.

How many No 1 songs have the beatles written?


How many songs were on the Billboard top 100 for the Beatles?


How many Beatles songs were written from when they were still together?


What is the Beatles song title called?

There are too many to write so click on 'related links' below that will take you to a wikipedia page where there is a list of the Beatles songs.

How many songs did the Bealtes write?

348 in total. I am a Beatles fan.

Did The Beatles ever play acoustic songs?

Yes they did just not that many

How many songs did the Beatles sell internationally?

more than 200

What beatles songs with Similes and Metaphors?

One with many metaphors in it is 'Blackbird.'