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No Space Simon is a parched noob.

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Q: How many bathrooms does FAO Schwartz have?
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What does fao mean in fao schwartz?

Frederick August Otto Schwarz, the guy who started the store.

What is FAO Schwartz?

It's a typo. The spelling is F A O Schwarz.

What was the name of the store Tom Hanks played Chopsticks in the movie BIG?

FAO Schwartz

How much is a birthday party at FAO Schwartz?

Parties at FAO vary in price. Contact the store at 212-644-9400 and ask to speak to one of the party planners who work there.

Where can you fing hogwarts t shirts?

FAO Schwartz used to have a section devoted to Harry Potter gear.

What rockette barbie dolls by mattel were ever made?

The Rockette Barbie was a FAO Schwartz exclusive in 1993.

Which famous toy store was featured in Tom Hanks' famous piano dance scene in the movie Big?

FAO Schwartz

Where was FAO Schwartz started?

FAO Schwarz was founded in 1862 under the name Toy Bazaar by German immigrant Frederick August Otto Schwarz, in Baltimore, where he and his brothers retailed toys from a fancy-goods store.

How Much Money did monopoly make?

When I was a kid my folks brought me to FAO Schwartz, and I saw one while I was there. It was an even million in the mid-80's if that helps.

What company made a monopoly game out of gold?

Franklin Mint Sold through FAO Schwartz Toy Store. (Some think it was Neiman Marcus. They sold a version made of Chocolate.)

Where can someone go to purchase barn toys?

Many toy stores will carry barn toys. You could visit FAO Schwartz or Toyrs "R" Us. There are also specialty toy makers that have wooden barns for children, such as Hayneedle and Dover Saddlery.

Where should you have your one year old birthday party for your son in long island?

Take him to the city! My nephews 1st bday party in FAO SCHWARTZ & 2nd bday in Dylans Candy Bar