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13 studio albums as well as some American release albums.

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Q: How many album did the Beatles released?
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When was the beatles second album out?

In the UK. their second album "With The Beatles" was released in 1963. In the US. their second album "Meet The Beatles" was released in 1964.

What was the second beatles album titled?

The second official Beatles album that was released is called "With the Beatles"

What was the third beatles album titled?

The third official Beatles album that was released is "A Hard Day's Night"

What was the second Beatles album?

The second Beatles album was "with The Beatles". It was made in 1963 and lots of songs of theirs we know are on it. It uses the same cover art as the album "Meet the Beatles" which was released exclusively in the U.S.A for their tour here.

What was the Beatles fourth album called?

I believe it would be the album "Beatles For Sale", released on December 4, 1964.

Which Beatles album has the song Let it Be?

"Let It Be" is the title track from the Let It Be album. Let It Be was the last album to be released by the Beatles.

Was Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band a double album?

No, it was not. The only double album The Beatles released was The Beatles (more commonly known as the White Album) which was released in 1968.

What was the first album that the Beatles did without backup vocals?

The Beatles never recorded or released an album without backup vocals.

What beatles album came before help?

Beatles For Sale, released in late 1964. Beatles V1

What Beatles album was released in 1999?

Yellow Submarine

When was The Beatles' Second Album created?

The Beatles' Second Album was created on 18-03-01.

What band released the White Album?

The Beatles released a self-titled double album, The Beatles, in November 1968. The public called it the "White Album" for its plain white cover, and later so did everyone.