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All eight Harry Potter movies made it to the top 1000 grossing films. The ranked at the following places:

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All of them.

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Q: How many Harry Potter movies made it to the top 1000 grossing films?
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What is the top 3 highest-grossing films for 2009?

Top 3 highest grossing movies this year (currently): 1.Harry Potter 6: $826,093,000 1.Transformers 2: $823,275,835 3.Ice Age 2: $768,545,259

Is Darren Criss in the Harry Potter movies?

Not in the films but he plays Harry in; A Very Potter Musical and A Very Potter Sequel.

Who played Rita Skeeter in the Harry Potter movies?

In the Harry Potter films Miranda Richardson plays Rita Skeeter.

What will the movies be called after Harry Potter 7 part 2?

I suppose they still will be movies (or films), but there won't be more Harry Potter episode, the series is finished.

What does mark Radcliffe do for the Harry Potter movies?

He was one of the producers for the 1st and 2nd films

Which building was featured as Hogwarts school in the Harry Potter films?

Alnwick Castle was used to film scenes for the first two Harry Potter movies.

Why has Harry Potter not won any Oscars their the higgest grossing films and books ever and the actors and actresses are truly amazzing?

I don't think they use "highest-grossing" as a criterion to determine the movie's quality.

Is Alan Radcliffe related to Daniel Radcliffe and if so how and is Alan playing in the Harry Potter movies?

Alan Radcliffe is not a actor in the Harry Potter films.

What are the best ever films since 2000?

All eight Harry Potter movies, in my opinion.

Does Victoria Louise Lott appear in any Harry Potter films?

Victoria Lott, or Pixie Lott, doesn't appear in any Harry Potter movies.

What is the name of the rabbit in Harry Potter movies?

There are no rabbits in Harry Potter which have a name except Binky which was Lavender Brown's rabbit but that rabbit wasn't mentioned in the films.

Where was Harry Potter directed?

All of the Harry Potter films were directed and made in London England. In fitting with the characters and writing it made sense to make the movies over there.