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There are 3 now Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle is the first one, the second is Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay, and the third one is a Very Harold and Kumar Christmas, it released in 3D in theaters.

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Harold and kumar Go to white castle And Harold and kumar escape from matanamabay

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Q: How many Harold and kumar films are there?
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Where can one find information about Harold and Kumar?

Wikipedia has a lot of information about the films with Harold and Kumar in. The Internet Movie Database also has some information. There is also a Wiki entirely dedicated to Harold and Kumar.

What university do Harold and Kumar stop off at to check out a party in Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle?


Who plays Harold in the Harold and Kumar movies?

John Cho

Harold and Kumar actors?

john cho for Harold , and kal penn for kumar

What are the release dates for Harold and Kumar's Yuletide Jamz - 2011?

Harold and Kumar's Yuletide Jamz - 2011 was released on: USA: 2011

What movies has Kal Penn starred in?

American actor Kal Penn has starred in various films. Films starring Penn include "Dude, Where's the Party?", "Ball & Chain", and "Epic Movie". Penn is most recognized, however, for starring in films in the "Harold & Kumar" franchise.

Are they making another Harold and Kumar?


How do you get Harold and Kumar on psp?

You can order Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle from the website Amazon for PSP. You can also rent the movie for PSP from GameFly.

What is Kumar's claim to fame?

Kumar is one of the characters in the Harold & Kumar movies, i.e. Harold and Kumar go to White Castle which features these two characters participating in various things while using marijuana. Kumar is an Indian American character played by Kal Penn.

Where does the new Harold and Kumar movie start out at?

The beginning

What is the last song from Harold and Kumar?

knaan in the beggining

Is Harold and Kumar 3 going to come out?