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Jack Hawkins won 4 or 5 Academy Awards.

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Q: How many Academy Awards did Jack Hawkins win?
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How many Oscars did A Time to kill win?

The 1996 film version of John Grisham's novel was not nominated for any Academy Awards.

How many Oscars did a few good men win?

None. The film was nominated for a good four Academy Awards, but was unable to win any. It's nominations included Best Picture, Best Actor in a Supporting Role (Jack Nicholson), Best Editing, and Best Sound.

How many oscars has Glenn close won?

Glenn Close has been nominated for six Academy Awards, but has never won.None. She was nominated six times, but has never won.

Why are the Oscars held on a Sunday?

To give prestigious nominees and presenters an opportunity to attend the Academy Awards ceremony on a weekend while they are working on new projects. For many years, the Oscars traditionally were presented on Monday evenings. Beginning with the 71st Academy Awards on March 21, 1999, the event has been held on Sunday nights.

Academy Awards ladies Bulova Watch 1950's?

In 1949 Bulova began a 4 year contract as the supporter of the televised Academy Awards. To commemorate this relationship the began production of the Academy Award watch. The relationship only lasted 1 year and the Academy sued Bulova and forced them to stop production of the watch using such terms as "Academy Awards", "award winning design". By 1952 production had ceased. Many sellers will try and pass of a simple period bulova as an original "Academy Award Watch". Be careful as they may have located a case and just put a period watch in the box. The originals are 21J, 14K gold and have a distinctive ribbed design on the face. The case should be marke L0, L1 or L2 only. Hope this helps.

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For how many years have the Academy Awards been taking place?

On March 7th, 2010, The Academy Awards will be celebrating its 82nd ceremony. The first Academy Awards took place in 1929.

How many Academy Award categories were in the 82nd Academy Awards?

34 including science and technical awards ceremony, 24 without.

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How many times did seinfield win the Academy Awards?

None. They won several Emmys but since Academy Awards are for Movies they did not win any

What Year did lord of ring win multiple Academy Awards?

2003. The Lord of the Rings won a record breaking 11 Academy Awards. It is tied with two other films for that many Academy Awards; Ben-Hur and Titanic.

How many Academy Awards and Oscars did Katherine Hepburn for the best actress?

11 Oscar Awards

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