How madara become Tobi?

Updated: 8/30/2023
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kisame assumed madara was the fourth mizukage , after all fourth mizukage yagura was actually manipulated by madara/tobi ... so you can assume that madara was the real mizukage and yagura was just a puppet ...

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Obito is not madara.

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tobi just said he was madara

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Q: How madara become Tobi?
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How did Tobi become madara?

He didn't become Madara, he is Madara.

Why did madara pretend to be Tobi?

Madara is not Tobi.

How did tobi know about madara?

Tobi was trained by Madara

Madara uchia is Tobi?

It is Uchiha, not uchia. Apparently, no Madara is not Tobi, Tobi just took Madara's name.

Who IS Tobi naruto is not madara but ho is hi?

tobi is uchiha madara

What happens with Tobi when madara is revived?

Nothing has happened to Tobi that was caused only by the revival of Madara.

How do you get Madara NTSD?

you can´t get madara in ntsd but you can get tobi.

When madara Uchiha changes to Tobi is he just acting or does he literally become different?

Tobi is Obito, he only used Madara's name. His more carefree personality is closer to his original one, when he was younger.

Did itachi kill Tobi?

no he did not. Tobi is actually madara uchiha.

What is Tobi's name in Naruto?

Tobi is actually Uchiha Madara.

Who is the real Tobi of Naruto?

Tobi is really Madara Uchiha

What eps does Tobi die in?

Tobi does not die in fact he is madara