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until armegddon

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Q: How long will Triple H stay champion?
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Who is a champion in wresting?

triple H

How much times was Triple H the world heavyweight champion?

Triple H has been world heavyweight champion a record 8 times

Who is the WWE champion of 2009?

triple h

Who was new WWE champion?

triple h

What is the name WWE champion?

Triple H

How many championships has Triple H won?

He is a Overall 13 Time Champion. 5 Time World Heavyweight Champion & 8 Time WWE Champion

Who was the World Heavyweight Champion in 2003?

Triple H was

Where are photos of Triple H with the wwe champion?


Who is the best WWE world champion?

Triple h is

Triple H Information?

Triple H is a body-builder, and wrestler. He is currently employed at WWE. He is the current WWE Champion. He is known for being a 12 Time World Champion.

Who was the first ever WWE undisputed champion?

triple h

Who won the most world champion in wwe?

Triple h