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the length is about 22"

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Q: How long is tyga herringbone necklace?
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What is a good sentence for herringbone?

I bought a beautiful, gold, herringbone necklace.

How do you get a kink out of a herringbone necklace?

It's best to take it to a jeweller

Where can one purchase a gold Herringbone necklace?

You can purchase a 14k gold herringbone chain from the Amazon website. Once on the page, type "14k Gold Herringbone Chain" into the search field at the top of the page and press enter to bring up the chains.

Where can one purchase a herringbone necklace?

Herringbone necklaces can be purchased from most high street jewelry stores. These items can also be purchased online from many online jewelry stores or general retailers such as Amazon or eBay.

what is a good materal necklace for somone who works outside?

10k Gold is a good material for someone who works outside, since 10k is more durable than 14 or 24k. A herringbone necklace would be the strongest style.

What kind of material is herringbone?

Herringbone is a type of fabric cloth. It has a distinctive type of weaved pattern and it achieves its name because it has similarities to the pattern of a herringbone fish.

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I believe you are referring to a "herringbone stitch." Here is a video link showing how to make a herringbone stitch:

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The longest necklace is about 355 feet.

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