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about 5mins

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Q: How long is the song poker face?
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How long has Poker Face been out?

The song Poker Face by Lady Gaga has been released on September 23, 2008.

What is Lady Gaga's second song?

her second hit was "Poker face".

What genre if the song poker face?

Poker Face might be electro-pop.

How do you dance to the song poker face?

search on youtube>>> how to dance to the song poker face? GO ON YOUTUBE!! its easier!! XD

How do you piss Lady Gaga off?

poker face poker face is the best song ever.

Who sings acoustic poker face on Philippine radio?

lady gaga sings that song poker face on the radio

Is the spy kids theme song the same as poker face?

no, spykids came out way before poker face

What is that song that goes pa pa pa pa pa paaaapa?

poker face. papapappap poker face....

How old is poker face?

Poker Face the song by Lady Gaga came out in 2008, seems like just yesterday!

What was Lady Gagas second song?

poker face:)

What album is Lil Wayne's song poke her face on?

its lady gaga's song "poker face" and i dont no the album.

What was Lady Gagas secend song?

I think, Poker Face.