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It is 106 minutes long, i.e., 1 hour 46 minutes.

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Q: How long is the back up plan film?
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What is the duration of The Back-up Plan?

The duration of The Back-up Plan is 1.73 hours.

When was The Back-up Plan created?

The Back-up Plan was created on 2010-04-23.

When was The Back-up Plan released?

The Back-up Plan was released on 04/23/2010.

What was the Production Budget for The Back-up Plan?

The Production Budget for The Back-up Plan was $35,000,000.

How much money did The Back-up Plan gross worldwide?

The Back-up Plan grossed $75,281,179 worldwide.

What is a back up plan?

A second plan in case your first plan fails

How much money did The Back-up Plan gross domestically?

The Back-up Plan grossed $37,490,007 in the domestic market.

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A physical security counter measure would be a back up plan. A back up plan is instituted if there is a failure of the main plan.

Is juliets back up plan to use a dagger in case the potion doesn't work?

Yes, her back up plan is the dagger.

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The back up plan

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Your original exit plan may be engulfed in flames.

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