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the wwe title is 5 years old when it was made by joohn cena in 2005

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Q: How long is an WWE spinner belt?
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Did batista ever win the WWE spinner belt?

yes his won wwe spinner belt.

Who owns the WWE spinner belt John Cena or WWE?

The WWE own the spinner belt, John Cena just designed it. (by the way the belt doesn't spin anymore)

Where can you get a WWE us spinner belt jakks pacific?


How do you remove the magnet out of the WWE spinner belt?

shaving cream

Would it be better to buy a world heavyweight replica belt or a WWE commemorative spinner belt?

I think the spinner commemorative belt would be better to get because of the style.

Is the name plate on a wwe kids replica spinner belt?

I Mean Is it REmveble

Who is the person in WWE who made the WWE champion belt?

John Cena made the spinner if that's what you're talking about.

When Shawn Michaels won spinner belt?

I don't think even has won the spinner belt it is Edge who won the spinner belt!

What Happened To John Cena's US Belt?

Nothing really happened to the John Cena us spinner belt,he's just focused on the wwe belt.But can u believe it,9 time wwe champion.

Who made the WWE spinner belt?

Ginger fox Gnu J J K K Jpuljji K L L L

Does the WWE spinner championship still spin?


Will they make the WWE world heverwieght title a spinner?

Nah, I don't think so, I mean the WWE Championship is already a spinner, and if the World Heavyweight Championship became a spinner too that would be kind of boring.