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Roughly three years, they got together before 'City Of Evil', the album by Avenged Sevenfold, came out.

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Q: How long has synyster gates and his girlfriend been together?
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How long have Synyster Gates and his girlfriend been going out?

They've been going out for close to three years now.

Has Synyster Gates been on cribs?

Synyster Gates has never publicly confirmed whether or not he has been on cribs or not.

Is Synyster Gates an emo?

Synyster Gates could have an ego. He has never stated publicly if he has an ego. Most fans assume he does not, but it has not been confirmed.

How old is Synyster Gates' half sister McKenna?

Neither Synyster Gates or his father have stated the age of McKenna. However, it has been confirmed that she is younger than Synyster Gates.

Has Synyster Gates ever been cheated on?

Synyster Gates admitted in an interview on Q101.1 that he has in fact been cheated on. (See related link below.)

Did Michelle DiBenedetto Cheat On Synyster gates?

It has not been confirmed. There are rumors that Synyster Gates does cheat on her once in awhile, as he is a rock star and has plenty of fan girls. However, most fans hope that he is loyal to his wife.

Why did Brian Haner Jr pick Synyster Gates as his stage name?

Because Brian had been called Synyster Gates since he was seventeen years old. While he and the Rev were on a drunken drive through the park, Brian called out randomly "I'm Synyster Gates, and I'm awesome!" Since then, he was called Syn or Synyster Gates by friends, and now by fans.

Is Synyster Gates dating a British girl?

Nope, he is married to Michelle Dibennedetto. They've been together since 2005 and got married in May of 2010. He has stated that they've been long time friends turned boyfriend/girlfriend and that she is his soulmate and one of his best friends.

Does Synyster Gates have 6-pack abs?

Synyster Gates' has not publicly stated whether or not he has six pack abs. Now normally, someone could just look up shirtless photos of Synyster Gates to find out if he has six pack abs or not, but that would be rather difficult since Synyster Gates does not go around shritless often, as he has a tattoo on his back that he doesn't like and believes to have been done very poorly.

Has Synyster Gates ever been arrested?

Yes, he mentions it in the A7X All Excess DVD.

Was Synyster Gates cheated?

No, but there been rumors that his wife Michelle cheated on him and it was before they got married

How did Michelle and Synyster Gates meet?

Synyster Gates and Michelle DiBenedetto are not dating. They are currently married as of 2011. They were married on May 7th, 2010.