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About 300 years ago.

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2 years

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Q: How long has Lady Gaga been famous?
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How long will Lady Gaga be famous for?

a long time

Who is more famous One Direction or Lady Gaga?

Lady Gaga. Not only because i don't like One Direction, but Lady Gaga is famous for a long time already, and people listen to it much more

How long has Lady Gaga been on the scene?

Lady Gaga has been on the scene since 2006 to present.

Who is more famous Cleoparta or Lady Gaga?

Depending where in world. In Egypt, Cleopatra would be more famous, but anywhere like Britain or America etc. Lady Gaga. Also depends what times its in, if it was in the ancient times Cleopatra would be more famous because, Lady Gaga didn't exist.

How long has gene splicing been done?

Lady Gaga.

How long has Lady Gaga been a bisexual?

Lady Gaga has been bisexual since she was 22yrs.old when she was making love to her old boyfriends she would fantasize about woman.theirs your answer.

How long has lady gaga been in business?

since a 11 years

How long have lady gaga been in the business?

11 years now

How long has Lady Gaga been a professionally singing?

She has been singing ever since she was a teenager.

Lady Gaga real hair?

Lady Gaga's real hair is brunette and long.

Is Lady Gaga bisexuel and who does she like more guys or girls?

Yes, Lady Gaga is bisexual, therefore she likes both boys and girls.

I have something i love long-long by Lady Gaga?

But my friends keep ah-telling me that somthing's wrong - Eh, Eh by lady GaGa