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4 years

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Q: How long has Kate Voegele played the mandolin?
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How long has Kate Voegele been a musician?

Voegele, the singer-songwriter and sometime actress ("One Tree Hill") who turned 30 on December 8, 2016, began writing and performing songs in high school in Ohio.

When was David Long - mandolin player - born?

David Long - mandolin player - was born in 1975.

What is a buzuq?

A buzuq is a mandolin-shaped lute of Arab origin, with a long neck, movable frets, and two or three strings, played with a plectrum.

Greek stringed instrument related to mandolin long necked?

The bouzouki

Do boys or girs usually play the mandolin instrument?

In my mandolin class (East Kilbride, Scotland) there are 8 'boys' and 5 'girls' (we are adults and sadly, have left boy and girlhood behind long ago).

What foods can I slice with a mandolin slicer?

Virtually any food can be sliced with a mandolin, as long as it is firm enough to hold together during slicing. Mandolins slice hard vegetables like carrots and potatoes best.

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Kate Fagan has written: 'The long movement'

What is the difference between mandolin and guitar?

A mandolin is a small bodied instrument that usually has 8 strings grouped in pairs to have a "4 string" effect. A mandolin has an approximate scale length of 13-14 inches. Standard tuning (starting with thickest string) is GDAE. A guitar typically has 6 strings and is a much larger bodied instrument with an approximate scale length of 24 inches. Standard tuning (starting with thickest string) is EADGBE. Overall - the guitar is a more popular instrument in most music genres.

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