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Zac Efron did not go to jail.

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Q: How long did Zac Efron go to jail?
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Would Zac Efron go out with a girl named Jasmine?

No he wouldn't.

Who does Zac Efron now go out with?

Zac Efron is currently single.venissa H == ==mckenzie!She Looks Like This-Black Hair,Long Hair,Pretty Face,And Shes No Effence!!!!!! Shes WhiteVanessa Anne HudgensZac Efron is currently dating Vanessa Hudgens. His co-star from High school musical

What did Zac Efron do to go to jail?

Why do you guys think he is in jail, but im really not sure if he is. but i dont think so. Check out the link below; that link tells the name of his pet dogs, who he is dating or dated, what religion he is not; the lattest reference is to January 2008 when he had an emergency appendectomy at Cedars of Lebanon, in L. A.; there's no mention of jail. Don't bet the farm on his being in jail, being jail bait or just about anything else. He's been doing this stuff since he was a pre-teen. His family is apparently very supportive, and he seemingly has decided not to be a teen dream-king for the rest of his life.

Did Zac Efron try to get vannessa hudgens pregnant?

yes zac did try to get pregnant and vannessa wanted to have sex with a hot boy she didnt want to go through with the pain by having a baby she just did it to have sex

How do you ask Zac Efron out?

call him, his phone number is 1-945-635-2155 You don't. He is currently in a relationship with his High School Musical co-star Vanessa Hudgens. LOL! hecks no ! lol tripping he only go out with one person and that is me so get ur facts stright! OMG why wud ya want 2 know hw 2 ask zac efron out plain in simply stop dreaming well tht wht people tell me because well I'm in love with zac efron!

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Why is zac Efron in jail again?

He didn't even go to jail.

Did Zac Efron go to jail 3 times?

no he did not

Zac Efron Jail?

No, he isn't. But he should go to jail for crime agenst thinking he's awesome when he ain't!

What nicknames does Zac Efron go by?

Zac Efron goes by Zefron.

Is makayla farley going to ever go out with Zac Efron?

No She won't ever go out with Zac Efron.

Who does Zac Efron go for FSU or Alabama?

zac efron go for FSU and Alabama he told me himself.

Does Hannah Montana go out with Zac Efron?

No. Vanessa Hudgens went out with Zac Efron

Where did Zac Efron go for a holiday?

zac efron recently went on holiday to Hawaii with vanessa

Are there any pictures of Dylan and Zac Efron?

yes i have a lot, you can go to google and type zac & Dylan ! (Zac Efron Lover)

Who dumped first Ashley Tisdale or Zac Efron?

zac efron ...because he wanted to go with vanessa

Can you get tickets to see Zac Efron?

Yes you can get tikets to see Zac Efron but you have to go all the to america.

Do they still go out?

it means does zac efron and vanessa hudgens still go out it means does zac efron and vanessa hudgens still go out