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Demi lovato confirmed to be dating Joe Jonas on march 12th , but i think many people believe they have been dating for a lot longer , as they have been seen on servel dates ( mostly double with Kevin and his wife Danielle). so i would say they have been dating around the beginning of this year maybe or around feburary .
not at all about 2 months
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they were dating

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Q: How long did Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas date?
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How long has Demi Lovato known the Jonas brothers?

About 3 years

Is david and demi going out?

No! Demi Lovato is currently dating her long time best friend, Joe Jonas.

How long were Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas dating?

Demi and Nick did not date. Though many people thought that they were. People wold call the Nemi. Demi dated Joe though they are no longer a couple. Nick is dating Olivia Culpo

How long are the Jonas brothers Miley Cyrus Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato coming for?

2 days

How is Joe Jonas really girlfriend?

Joe never sticks with a girl very long, but he was together with demi lovato at last, which isn't anymore.

How long has Demi Lovato been in rehab?

Demi Lovato has been in rehab since November 1, 2010.

Who is Joe Jonas currently dating as of 2010?

He Is Now Dateing Ashley Green But Was Dating Not To Long Ago Demi Lovato But Has Now Enterd Rehab

Why do people call her Demi Lovato and not demetria devonne lovato?

'Demetria' is too long, and so she shortened it to 'Demi'; but she often refers to herself as Demetria Lovato.

How long is Demi Lovato?

5 foot 6

How long does Demi Lovato Perform at Jonas Brothers Concerts?

Like 45 minutes to and hour its really boring i went and got dinner and tryed to ignore her

Does Demi Lovato have children?

No. She recently got dumped by Joe Jonas, he dumped her because he saw signs of her being a mess, and thought it was getting too public, yet his girlfriend(Ashely Greene)and him are much more public than them.

How long has Demi Lovato been acting for?

since she was 4