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These should be taken off after the wound has stopped bleeding and in no threat to begin bleeding again.

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Q: How long can you leave a band aid on?
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How long should you leave a band aid on for after a cut?

As long as you want... I guess

How long will it take for a band-aid to decompose?

how lond does it take to decompose a band aid

Should you put banbaid on your deep cutcan i use a band aid on my deep cut?

You can put a band aid on anything but you don't want to leave it on there for a long time so that way the air can hit and you can let it heal.

Can you heal a wart with a Band-Aid?

Yes, you can heal a wart with a Band-Aid, but not in the way you would think. If you use a traditional type of Band-Aid (with the pad in the center), do not place the pad over the wart, but cover the wart with the sticky part of the Band-Aid. More effective than a Band-Aid, however, is Scotch tape. Believe it or not if, you cover a wart with cellotape and leave it on for several days, the wart will drop off or dissolve. You may have noticed that if you ever leave a bandage on too long, the skin under the bandage goes white and loose. This is what happens to the wart, and then it disappears.

How do you get rid of human bite marks?

leave it alone

When was Band-Aid created?

Band-Aid was created in 1920.

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What is band aid 1984?

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What is the British English word for band aid?

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What band aid works best?

the water proof Band-Aid brand

What is a band-aid solution?

A band-aid solution is a solution applied temporarily to a problem.