How killed zabuza momochi?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Zabuza was beaten to very near death by Kakashi but he was finished off by Gato's armed guards

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Q: How killed zabuza momochi?
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What village was Zabuza Momochi from?

I belive it was the village hidden in the mist.

Is zabuza momochi good or bad?

Zabuza is the antagonist for the Wave Arc, in edition to this he rebelled against his leader, tried to start a revolution and now is wanted for the murder of several influential men.

Did Sasuke kill Zabuza?

no zabuza ran through a huge group of bandits and was killed

Who are the seven deadly swordsmen?

They are seven sword-weilding shinobis from the land of the Mist. Each of their swords are unique and wield trememdous power. So far only two members are known, Zabuza Momochi and Kisame Hoshigaki.

Who killed Haku?

Kakashi did, when he was going to kill Zabuza, Haku took the blow.

In Naruto CCG where in the ranks does a Rogue Ninja fit?

According to the manuel: "'Ninja Hunter' and 'Rouge Ninja' are not ranks. If they have a description such as (Chunin), however, they are considered to be Ninjas of that rank" An example is most Zabuza Momochi, Itachi Uchiha, and Kisame Hoshigake cards.

What is the name of zabuza momochi's sword?

It is called the Guillotine Sword, Executioner Blade, or Decapitating Carving Knife.

What actors and actresses appeared in Momochi sandayu - 1918?

The cast of Momochi sandayu - 1918 includes: Enjuro Ichikawa Shirogoro Sawamura

How do you beat zabuza in path of a ninja?

take out zabuza first then haku

How old is zabuza?

Zabuza Momochi is a missing-nin from Kirigakure or the land of Waves, known as the village hidden in the mist. He was after by the government of Kirigakure and was considered a criminal after plotting an assassination on the Mizukage. He was forced to be a road ninja and never was to come back to his village again. He found a child named Haku who was sitting on the side of a bridge and agreed to come with Zabuza to serve him. Zabuza and Haku became Gato's hired ninjas to do assassinations for him. He was known as the demon ninja of the mist and also known for his ability: The Silent kill. Years ago (according to the episode), a person came to the village and helped many people. The villagers were afraid to stand strong. The traveler helped the villagers and he inspired the villagers to be brave. One day, Gato and his thugs arrived into the village and killed the traveler so they would fear the name Gato. Now, a bridgebuilder was assigned to go to the Mist village and make a bridge as inspiration to the people living there so that they would get their courage back. Zabuza was assigned by Gato to kill the bridge builder so that Gato could still be powerful, but then he was stopped by Kakashi. He was then killed by Gato's ninjas as orders during Zabuza's second attempt to kill Tazuna. He then have to kill Zabuza using a kunai and his mouth (since his arms were somehow disabled). He died along with Haku in the end. His arms got disabled by the 6 ninja dogs. No kakashi disabled hi armes with kunai knife

What is zabuza to suigetsu?

from information i keep seeing hes the reincarnation of zabuza and was a post to take hes place in the seven ninja swordsmen of the mist

What was Haku of naruto's favorite food?

Hinata loves to pork flavored ramen just like naruto so her favorite food is pork flavored ramen. *EDIT* I'm not quite sure where you got your answer from, but in the Anime she is shown to have a liking of Cinnamon Buns.