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Q: How is subcultures and countercultures related?
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How do you think stereotypes about different American subcultures are related to ethnocentrism?


What are the subcultures of Spain?

The subcultures in Spain include:BasqueCatalonian/ValencianGalician

What are the release dates for Subcultures - 2012 YouTube SubCultures 2-2?

Subcultures - 2012 YouTube SubCultures 2-2 was released on: USA: 20 February 2013

What are subcultures for Africa?

There are a variety of subcultures of Africa. Some of these subcultures include Bantu, Niger-Khoisan, Semitic, as well as Christian, Muslim, and Animist.

What are the Subcultures for Canada?


What are the subcultures of the us?

There are various subcultures in the United States of America. For example, the rave subculture has had a recent reemergence in the US.

What are some subcultures in Germany?

There have been skinheads, punks, gothics, hippies, and more. Many of the well-known subcultures.

What are the subcultures of Canada?

The three largest subcultures in Canada are English, French and Chinese. Along with ethnic, religious identity, it should be noted that Canadians further sub-divide subcultures by regions. Several other subcultures also have considerable impact in Canada, these include native, aboriginal people and people from the Caribbean.

How are subcultures related to cultural diversity?

When people within a culture are from different "mother" cultures, it creates cultural diversity and leads to subcultures in that some of the "mother" culture is practiced within the larger culture. For example, Chinese immigrants to the United States continue to practice some of the culture of China.

Is the hippie movement and the organized crime families in the 1960's considered as countercultures?


What are subcultures of US?

boo butts and canada

What are the release dates for Subcultures - 2012 FreeRunners 2-3?

Subcultures - 2012 FreeRunners 2-3 was released on: USA: 15 March 2013