How is gray board made?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The original board is painted grey LOL

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Q: How is gray board made?
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What is a gray board?

a strong grey material used for packaging notebooks and pther things. it is made from fibre pulp. it may look father dull though.

What is gray board?

A board that is grey. grey board is kind of thick paperboard, made mainly by recycyle pulp and paper, with good stifiness, and both side grey color as well as inside brown or grey. mainly used for backing board,file folder paper, notebook cover,rigix box packing etc. contact us or visit our website for more details

What is a lifesize chess board made out of?

A chess board can be made out of almost anything.

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Ply Board is a Board made out of Ply

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black & white

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The question is, what grammage board is the CD sleeve made from?

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