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Things like sky boxes are misused by leaving it on standby.

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Q: How is electricity misused?
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If electricity is misused?

if misused, you may get electric shock, you may get huge electricity bills

Captions reg electricity saving?

power misused cannot be excused

What is the best caption on saving electricity?


Where can we find dangerous electictey?

The AC electricity used in the home is dangerous if misused.

Why is electricity bad?

Electricity is not bad, it is good! Like any useful tool, it can be misused, and can hurt you, but used properly, electricity makes many things possible, such as WikiAnswers!

Is geothermal energy safe for humans and the environment?

Geothermal energy (hot water and steam) is usually used to produce electricity. Electricity is dangerous if misused, but it is usually safe.

Can ratios be misused?

Yes. All knowledge can be misused.

What are some pros and cons of electricity?

Electricity (the electric charge, all the way down to the quarks) is a fundamental part of the universe. Without it, the universe would not exist, nor would we. The downside is that electricity, if misused or abused, can be lethal.Pro: electricity is an efficient way to transfer energy from source to sink.Con: Electricity can electrocute and kill incompetent persons.

How is coal being misused?

coal is being misused in many ways

How is Squatting misused?

squatting is misused by the digging up of the earth and destroying plants and trees

How is alcohol misused?

Alchohol is misused because people drink to much of it and then they drink more and more and more.

Can marijuana be misused?


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