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it is gathered by big machine and people.......theirs your answer

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Q: How is cotten cotten gatherd today?
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How is cotten gathered on a farm today?

it is garthered by a machines thanks for asking

How old is Joseph Cotten?

Joseph Cotten was born on May 15, 1905 and died on February 6, 1994. Joseph Cotten would have been 88 years old at the time of death or 110 years old today.

What is a set of data gatherd called?

A sample.

Where is cotten grown?

Cotten can be grown in southern parts of India

What is the uses of cotten?

what is cotten used fro

How much paper can a cotten wood perduce in a year?

cotten comes from trees cotten comes from trees

What is Joanna Cotten's occupation?

Joanna Cotten is a/an Singer

Around 4000 BC people of the plain regions what?

huntid and gatherd

What is the information gatherd by observation or experimention called when it is NOT called evidence?


When was Lyman A. Cotten born?

Lyman A. Cotten was born in 1874.

When did Lyman A. Cotten die?

Lyman A. Cotten died in 1926.

When was Ann Cotten born?

Ann Cotten was born in 1982.