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Bosch cordless drills rank fifth in popularity and in sales. Coming in before Bosch are Dewalt, Ryobi, Back & Decker and Makita. To see all of their cordless drills and drill kits along with reviews of them, their website has a comparison tool to view different models at the same time.

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Q: How highly rated are Bosch cordless drills?
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Which cordless drill is rated the best by Consumer Reports?

There are many different types and sizes of cordless drills. Consumer Reports highly rates the A1 Hitachi, A6 Craftsman, and the A8 Ryobi cordless drills.

What are some of the best rated power drills?

There are many kinds of power drills such as the electric and cordless. Either types are made by all brands of manufacturers. Some of the top rated ones are Black and Decker and Bosch.

What is the average cost for the SDS Drill?

Both Bosch and DeWalt make highly rated SDS Drills. The average prices for these at Lowe's and other retail stores is approximately $350 depending on model.

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