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124 mph on average

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Q: How fast is Dustin Johnson swing speed?
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How fast can you swing a hammer?

How fast you can swing a hammer is 1,894 mph

What is the best swing speed for a golf club?

The swing is about timing and tempo. As we each have our own inner clock, the swing speed will depend on the individual making it. It is important to maintain good balance when making the swing, as well as acceleration thru the ball. Your speed at contact should be somewhere between 75 and 85% at contact , leaving you 15 to 25% of acceleration after contact.

How far can a batter hit a softball with a stock ASA bat rated at 98 MPH?

How fast can a batter swing the bat? The faster the swing speed the further the ball will travel.

How fast can Gibbons swing?

really fast

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It is not possible for a human to swing sword fast enough to create a vacuum. This was a popular theme in many of the Samurai anime. The vacuum create by superhuman speed often lead to devastating attacks in these shows.

How do you increase the speed of the baseball pitch?

Let go the right way and swing your arm around fast. This also goes for softball.

Is chris Johnson fast?

Oh ya hes the fastest in the league in terms of speed because he ran a 4.17 fortythis summer hers fast.

What is the F shaft for golf clubs?

The F shaft is popular with Cobra drivers. It is part of a set of 3 shafts, the X, F and M. The X (extreme ball speed), F (fast ball speed) and M (medium ball speed) shafts are designed to tailor your club to your swing, based on your ball speed and swing speed. The F shaft in particular is the middle ground of these three shafts.

How fast can you swing a bat?

because it can

How can you time a pendulum swing accurately?

one swing may be too fast to time accurately

How fast can monkey swing from tree to tree?

FAST about 90 degrees an minute

Should you trade chris Johnson for Larry Fitzgerald?

Heck no Larry Fitzgerald is faster and stronger and can out run defenders cause his break away speed and Chris johnson is fast also but not as strong