How fast do cruse ships go?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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16-24 miles per hour

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Q: How fast do cruse ships go?
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How fast did ships go in the late 1800s?

11-17 knots

How fast is a 182 Cessna?

Fastest I've had my 182 in cruse flight was a ground speed of 160kts which is about 185MPH. However, I've had it in a slight dive of 180kts which is about 205 MPH

Why did the tianic go out to sea?

because it was a luxury cruse liner

How big are gas tanks on cruise ships?

Most ships no matter if they are cruse ships or merchant,battle,tankers,depending on their size can be 50,000 gallons or more,they use very crud oil for fuel,only the military uses nucluer powered vessels.

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Can cruse missile be supersonic?

Yes but it would be only a short range missile. Long range supersonic cruse missile would be very difficult to make because the equipment for required power and fast navigation processing make it vary large. Supersonic cruse missile would also have the limitation not to fly atlow altitude.

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