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The theory I've heard is that, because Gabriel/Sylar's power is to know how things work; what he does is he opens up their head, extracts their brain, and looks at the area where the power is held. He then learns how to use it by reading it like an instruction manual, he knows how the brain works ;P I'm not 100% sure but i think its a believable theory and better than eating brains ^^

He cuts open their heads (not the brain), licks a place in the brain where the power is held, and leave the person there dead (but not Claire).

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Q: How does sylar steal heroes powers?
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Which Heroes character has two personalities?

The character with two personalities in Heroes is Sylar. He has a split personality due to his ability to steal powers and the dangerous consequences it has on his psyche.

Sylar appeard first in what series?

Sylar is a chachter on the NBC tv show HEROES

Do Clair and Sylar ever get together on Heroes?

Yes they do, when Sylar steals Clair's ability for instance.

Who plays Sylar in Heroes?

Zachary Quinto

In Heroes what is Sylar's favorite type of pie?

Sylar's favourite type of pie is peach pie which he absolutely loves.

What is a pairing between mohinder and sylar from Heroes called?


What does sylar do with the brains?

He uses his power of absorbsoin to steal the powrs of his victim.

Is Kristen bell in the tv series heroes?

Kristen Bell played El in Heroes but Sylar later killed her.

What is the song in heroes where sylar has a flash back in the bar?

The Chain by Fleetwood Mac

What is the episode of Heroes when Sylar attacks Claire?

The First time it is episode 9 - season 1 in 'Homecoming' But he attacks and gains her powers in 'The Second Coming' which is episode 1 season 3

In Heroes season 3 is MrsPetrelli really Sylar's mother?

No. She lied to him. His real mother died. His father killed her, and Now Sylar's father is dying of cancer.

In Heroes season 3 episode twenty five how do they burn Sylar's body when he is really shape-shifted into Nathan Petrelli's body?

The burning body isn't Sylar, Its the body of another shapeshifter - who has shapeshifted into Sylar. He was killed, allowing them to burn the body, under the illusion it was in fact Sylar.