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she next door t them a couple years ago

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they go to school together.

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Q: How does payton burrows know Caitlin beadles?
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Who is payton burrows?

Payton is a 15 year old singer/songwriter from League City, TX. A lot of people know her through her friendship with Caitlin Beadles.

How does payton burrows know the beadles?

payton burrows met the beadles threw youtube and over the summer of last year got to go and visit them, they have been friends ever sense.

How do Caitlin Beadles and Justin Bieber know each other?

Caitlin Beadles is Justin's ex girlfriend.

What is Caitlin Beadles Skype name?

Caitlin Beadle's skype is private, only for friends and family, but I can tell you this, it doesn't go under the name Caitlin Beadles or Caitleena1 or anything with Caitlin or Caitleena or The Beadles or anything. Trust me, I know. -KreniDivadi

Does Caitlin beadles have a crush on Justin bieber?

Caitlin Beadles is Justin Bieber Gurlfriend but i don't even know she is Justin bieber gurlfriend right now,, i know she is Justin bieber's gurlfriend

What is hobbies of Caitlin beadles?

hey,as Caitlin beadles cousion i know her well, if you want any awnsers ask me . Caitlins hobbies are:cheerleading,making youtube vids and loves hanging with friends

What is Caitlin beadles moms name?

Her name is Sandra Morgan Beadles (Sandy) Her dad's name is Christopher Alexander Beadles (Chris) Her full name is Caitlin Victoria Beadles Her brother's name is Christian Jacob Beadles 2 dogs name's are Shawty and Booboo ^ Wow so whoever wrote that is so dumb. Mom: Sandi Beadles. Dad: Will Beadles. Brother: Christian J. Beadles. Two dogs: Shawty AND PeeWee. Not BooBoo what the heck? Plus, I know Caitlin, so what the heck? -KreniDivadi xoxo I know Caitlin too Mom:Sandra Morgan Beadles (Sandi) Dad: William Alexander Beadles(Will) Bro: Christian Jacob Beadles (Chris or Littleman) Her full name is Caitleena Victoria Juliet Beadles Her dogs name is Shwaty & PeeWee And her cheer squad is Whitefiled Acmedy Wolfpack and I would know because im on her Team :P -Jasmine Bell<3 xoxo

Who is Justin Biebers first and last girlfriend?

i don't know the first but i know that his last girlfriend was Caitlin beadles

Caitlin Beadles favorite sport?

I'm not sure but I know she does cheerleading, cross country, and tennis.

Is one Justin biebers friends named Cynthis?

not that i know of. the names of Justin bieber's friends are Caitlin Beadles, Christian Beadles, Ryan Butler, and Chaz Somers.

What color eyes does Caitlin beadles have?

Caitlin beadles' eyes are very confusing haha.. theyre like a mixture of brown, hazel, and blue. so i don't know for sure. i THINK thyre hazel. i think she may wear color contacts

What is Caitlin Beadles like?

I have been Caitlin's friend since I met her in Summer 2010. I know she's sweet & centered around God and she has a lot of trust & respect!