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Q: How does oates biographical portrait of lincoln reveal the complex human being behind his mythical image?
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When was Abraham Lincoln's portrait placed on the penny?

Abraham Lincoln's portrait was added to the penny in 1909

What is on the front?

It's the portrait of Lincoln

Your portrait appears on the penny who are you?

Abraham Lincoln

What is on the front penny?

It's the portrait of LINCOLN

What is the value of a Lincoln portrait record?


Was thomas hicks a negro a painter of Abraham Lincoln's portrait?

Thomas Hicks, the painter of Abraham Lincoln's 1860 portrait (located at the Chicago Historical Society) was white.

What bill has Lincoln memorial on it?

The US 5$ bill has Lincoln's portrait on the front and the Memorial on the back.

What does Abraham Lincoln look like?

There are numerous pictures of Lincoln all over the web, and his portrait is on the Five Dollar Bill.

What was Abraham Lincoln's favorite painting?

Portrait of Washington with an angel guilding his quill.

What US president's portrait is found on the penny and the five-dollar bill?


The portrait used as a model for the lincoln penny belongs in which time period?


Is Abraham Lincoln pictured on a US quarter?

No, the coin is called a Washington quarter because it features a portrait of George Washington. Lincoln is of course on the Lincoln cent.