How does music divide us?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Music divides us because different people like different styles of music and different cultures create different types of music.If you do not like music you do not know any thing about how to live a life.It also means you need to shoot yourself and not tell your mom about it.The physics tell us that people who don't have a life are 97 percent are goin to die young.The scientists say that if your mom doesn't know you killed yourself you were not that special to her.It means she either knew you died but didin't care and put it in the garbage can or she just let you rot in your own room.

P.S. If all the above is true your mom doesn't care.If your mom doesn't care your dad also doesn't care.

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Q: How does music divide us?
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Does the Continental Divide divide the US?

yes it does.

Does music divide or unite People?

bit a both

What are music meters divided into?

You can divide it any way you want to.

What genre is the new divide song in?

It is a rock music song.

Is music important to us?

Music is important to us because music can help us physically and emotionally. It can entertain us or it can help us through tough situations.

What heavenly body helps us divide your into 12 months?

the moon helps us to divide a year into a month

Where can I find free New Divide sheet music for trumpet?

The internet

How does effect as music?

Music has many different effects on us. For example, rock music may make us mean and nasty. Or country music may make us feel at home, and classical music can makae us

What music is good for us?

calm music !

How do you divide the word music into syllables?

Most dictionaries will tell you but it is /mu-sic/

What does our music tell about us?

Music can tell us if we like the song. We play different types of music depending on our mood. Music makes us happy, mad, sad, or even neutral.

What does NZ music have in common to US music?

karaoke and instrumental music