How does moss survive?

Updated: 8/30/2023
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a moss cannot only have sun but it needs lots offood and water in order to survive!

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Q: How does moss survive?
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How does reindeer moss survive?

It's a kind of moss... Check the link for complete info.

Is moss anaerobic?

No, moss is not anaerobic. Moss requires oxygen for respiration, just like most other living organisms. Anaerobic organisms are those that can survive in environments with little to no oxygen.

Why do people sometimes add moss to a garden?

People add moss to a garden to help hold on to the soil making it easier for other plants to survive.

Can taiga plants and taiga animals cooperate to survive?

Not a man peeing. it's an example of a redwood and moss. the redwood provides the moss a place to live, while the moss gives the tree protection. ;D

How are moss adapted for life on land?

Moss have adaptations such as rhizoids for anchorage and absorbing water, cuticles to prevent water loss, and spores for reproduction in dry conditions. These adaptations help moss thrive in terrestrial environments by enabling them to survive and reproduce on land.

What kind of plants survive on forest?

there are many types of plant survive in forest like Aerial plants such as orchids , spanish moss and staghorn fern.

What helps the arctic moss survive?

being able to store energy to use even when it isen't growing

What is the dominate life and food source in the ocean?

The smaller fish eat moss and algae off the rocks to survive, while the bigger fish eat the smaller fish to survive.

Does moss have vascular tissue to carry water and food?

yes, because there is xylem in water and moss needs water to survive. moss was also the first plant in water. but it was the second plant on earth. green algae was the first plant on earth. green alage was also the first plant on land.

How does moss respond to stimulus?

Moss responds to different stimuli in different ways. For example, it will grow in sunlight, and when water is present.

Would you expect to find moss plant growing where there is little or no water present?

No, moss plants thrive in damp and moist environments where there is plenty of water available. They require a consistent water supply to survive and grow. If there is little to no water present, you would not expect to find moss plants thriving in that location.

What is the lifespan of moss?

This depends if it is a true moss, a plant we call 'moss', or decorative moss.