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because he wants to be leader himself

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Yes, it does

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Q: How does jack continue to challenge ralphs leadership?
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Who challenges ralphs leadership by saying you cant hunt you cant sing?


How do you get one million dollars?

i don't know ask jack ralphs or Jason ralphs they'll know

What is Ralphs atittude toward Jack?

he likes Jack at first but then hateshim when Jack becomes savage.

Who accompanies jack to steal fire from ralphs group?

Maurice and Robert.

In Lord of the Flies who trys to be come the leader in chaper one?

Both Ralph and Jack want to be leader, but when the boys call for a voting on who it should be, Ralph is elected. However, later in the book, Jack tries to take away Ralphs leadership and succeds.

When jack and the others roll a rock into the sea what is Ralphs reaction?

Ralph is angry

In the lord of the flies what is jack and Ralph's relationship?

it was in a very bad conditions as jack had created his own tribe and was trying to sabotage ralphs tribe

What is Ralph and Jack's relationship in Lord of the flies chapter 7?

it was in a very bad conditions as jack had created his own tribe and was trying to sabotage ralphs tribe

Why do jack and roger invade ralphs camp at night?

It's because they don't have Piggy's glasses with which to start the fire.

Does jack survive at the end of Lord of the Flies?

Yes, Jack does survive at the end of Lord of the Flies because when the naval officer asks who is in charge, Jack starts to step forward to challenge Ralph's claim of leadership but is stopped perhaps by the recognition that now the old rules will be enforced.

Who is Ralph's main competition in Lord of the Flies?

The only other boy who stood against Ralph in the election to be leader was Jack Merridew and he continued to challenge Ralph's leadership for the entire novel.

What are Ralph's and Jack's objectives in Lord of the Flies?

Ralphs over riding objective is for them all to be rescued. Jack has two main objectives, to be the person in charge and to kill pigs.

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