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He uses wood and mud and remembers beavers and packs mud so its airtight

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Q: How does brian winterize his shelter?
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Where does Brian find shelter hatchet?

Brian finds shelter in a small rock overhang near the edge of the lake. He uses the hatchet to clear some of the brush and create a makeshift shelter with a fire pit and lean-to.

Who made the shelter that Brian found?

Brian did.

How did Brian figure out what animal it was in the shelter with him?

Brian found out what animal was in the shelter with him by feeling and seeing quills in his leg from a porcupine.

What did the bear do to Brian's shelter in the book Brian's Winter?

It broke it

What is the visitor that Brian has in his shelter?

a skunk

What does Brian focuses on?

Getting a shelter

On what page in the book hatchet does Brian make shelter out of trees?

Brian makes a shelter out of trees in the book "Hatchet" on pages 52-54.

Why did Brian crawl out of his shelter?

Brian crawled out of his shelter because he heard a plane flying overhead and wanted to signal for help by making a fire.

How does Brian get the deer back to the shelter in Brian's Winter?

In "Brian's Winter," Brian constructs a makeshift sled using tree branches and his jacket. He then ties the deer to the sled and drags it back to the shelter using branches as skis on the snow.

What did Brian build his shelter under in hatchet?

Brian built his shelter under a rock overhang to protect himself from the elements in the book "Hatchet" by Gary Paulsen.

What did brian choose to use for a shelter instead of a lean-to?

Brian chose to use the tail section of the airplane as a shelter instead of a lean-to in the book "Hatchet" by Gary Paulsen.

In the book hatchet why did Brian have to rebuild his shelter twice?

Brian rebuilt his shelter twice, once because a porkupine got in, and left spines in his leg, so he tore it down, and built a sturdier, more secure shelter, to keep out animls. the second time, was because a tornado came, and everything got sucked into it, the shelter blew away, so he had to rebuils it again.